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Victorian History - Site ID: 40
Youve got Buckleys ... In the Early 1800's the British government decided to establish a settlement on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in order to protect British interests and a lucrative sealing industry in Bass Strait.
Old Beechy Trail - Site ID: 57
The Old Beechy Rail Trail follows one of the states former narrow gauge railways through an area of scenic forest, rich farmland and rolling hills with the coast not too far away.
Society of Australian Genealogists - Site ID: 259
The Society of Australian Genealogists, based in Sydney, is Australia's premier family history organisation.
South West Victorian History - Site ID: 260
South West Victoria has a strong history of vibrant rural communities over many years. Being settled early in Australias history agricultural development, particularly wool production, was the backbone of the rapidly establishing communities.
Convict Creations - Site ID: 444
Australians seem blissfully unaware of the achievements of their academics.... yet they celebrate long dead horses and bushrangers. They are forgetful to the words of their national anthem..... yet it would be wrong to say they are not patriotic as a song about a suicidal sheep thief seems to instil them with a great deal of pride! If they like you, they will not give you compliments.
Royal Historical Society of Victoria - Site ID: 473
The Royal Historical Society of Victoria was formed in 1909 and is a community organisation committed to collecting, researching and sharing an understanding of the history of Victoria. With the support of a large number of volunteers, the RHSV provides a full program of activities for the benefit of members and the general public.
Victorian Railways Resources - Site ID: 474
Victorian Railways Resources website contains information about the history of the Victorian Railways, the state railways of Victoria, Australia. The focus is on the infrastructure of the railways, with a particular emphasis on signalling.
Wikipedia - Site ID: 475
After the founding of the colony of New South Wales in 1788, Australia was divided into an eastern half named New South Wales and a western half named New Holland, under the administration of the colonial government in Sydney. The first European settlement in the area later known as Victoria was established in October 1803.
Victorian War Memorials - Site ID: 476
The Shrine of Remembrance is recognised as one of the finest war memorials in the world. Victoria’s largest war memorial, it was dedicated on 11 November 1934 by the Duke of Gloucester after construction began in 1928.
Old Treasury - Site ID: 477
Victoria was at the forefront of the world-wide democratic government movement. Victoria was the first place in the world where voting was carried out in secret and Victorian women led the world in the movement for equal rights. Victorian Buildings a showcase of a range of architectural plans for public buildings throughout Victoria that are in the Public Record Office Victoria archives
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