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Simpson Speedway - Site ID: 353
Approx Acommodation up to 3000 spectators. No Alcohol permitted for consumption during race meetings. Patrolled by Security Gaurds. Canteen and Toilet facilities provided in General Public Area. Guest and Corporate box facilities provided. No Dogs or Animals allowed.
Mildura Speedway - Site ID: 649
Many bone jarring accidents have taken place on the Timmis track. Injuries have occurred but fortunately this track remains fatality free. It must be said that the lighting, safety fence and catchfence, the crash and rescue personal and fire fighting equipment are all of the highest standard.
Rosedale Speedway - Site ID: 650
Rosedale Speedway is situated on a recreation reserve in the Gippsland town of Rosedale. 180km east of Melbourne, it was founded in October, 1971, by Fred Osbourne, with a goal to form an association and build a track to conduct speedway racing.
Avalon Raceway - Site ID: 652
Avalon Raceway first opened in the summer of 1976 which saw the dream of brothers Doug and Norm Drew come true. Both had been active drivers around the region and with the closure of Torquay Speedway saw the Drew Family build the Speedway on the land in Old Melbourne Road, Lara. Since that time the Family have strived to improve the venue and along the way have created a number of Blue Ribbon Events that are nationally recognised.
Redline Speedway - Site ID: 653
The one & only Mount, for non stop action & pace. Keep up to date with whats happening in & around Redline Speedway, Stay Tuned for more updates as soon as they happen.
Blue Ribbon Raceway - Site ID: 654
The Blue Ribbon Raceway is situated on land owned by the Horsham Motor Sports Club Inc, and is located on the Blue Ribbon Rd at Kalkee, 18kms North of Horsham. It is approx 320kms from Melbourne and approx 470kms from Adelaide travelling on Highway A8.
Premier Speedway - Site ID: 655
Premier Speedway is located 3 hours South West of Melbourne near the beautiful coastal city of Warrnambool. Steeped in tradition Sungold Stadium is a AAA rated venue offering excellent facilities for competitors, spectators and officials alike.
Rushworth Speedway - Site ID: 659
The Rushworth Speedway Complex is located on Nine mile road Rushworth, Victoria, Australia, on the edge of the mighty Iron bark forest in a secluded bush surrounding, where the sweet sounds of bush life erupt to the scream of engines as the "Rush" comes to Rushworth.
Wangaratta City Speedway - Site ID: 660
WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF SPEEDWAY RACING join a dedicated and committed group. Dont mind a bit of dust,heat or cold, want to make great new friends come join us as a volunteer, training provided.