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Country Fire Authority - Site ID: 1
Situated in Victoria, CFA covers an area of more than 150,182 square kilometres of land covering 2.6 million people. This area includes more than one million homes, and covers all of rural and regional Victoria, including provincial cities and towns.
Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner - Site ID: 5
The Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner continually enhances the safety of all Victorians by providing independent leadership for the emergency management sector and encouraging partnerships across a wide range of organisations and communities.
Victorian Emergency Service Association. Inc - Site ID: 6
VESA has establised a good working relationship with VICSES and the many sectors of Government which we deal with,not the least of which is the Department of Justice and the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. In short, VESA has the ability to strongly voice the opinion of the volunteers and where, when necessary, to the benefit of all the Volunteers.
State Emergency Service - Site ID: 76
VICSES is a volunteer based organisation responding to emergencies and working to ensure the safety of communities around Victoria. VICSES is the lead agency when responding to floods, storms and earthquakes and operates the largest network of road rescue in Australia.
Ambulance Victoria - Site ID: 325
Paramedics are the core of our organisation and the front line operators for dealing with medical emergencies in Victoria. Through advanced training and increased professionalism, we have helped turn the role from one of ambulance driver through to the now highly skilled ambulance paramedic.
Victoria Police - Site ID: 326
Victoria Police provides a 24 hour police service to the Victorian community. Victoria Police contributes to a high quality of life for individuals in the community by ensuring a safe and secure society and underpins the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of Victoria.